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Walk Of Life – Dire Straits – Very Easy Beginner Song Guitar Lesson (BS-104)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Walk of life-Dire Straits
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/BS-104-WalkOfLife-DireStraits.php
In this easy beginner guitar lesson we’re going to learn Walk Of Life by Dire Straits, a simplified version great for beginners wanting have a go at a first song. We look at how to fancy it up a bit too as you progress!

The Justin Guitar Beginners Songbook contains 100 songs specifically structured for beginners and there are 10 songs for each stage of the Beginners Course.

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  1. Someone know where to find this rock n' roll 7:50?

  2. your awesome you make learning the guitar easy thankyou justin love peace and prosperity to you and yours xx

  3. Very good, thank you lg peter egger

  4. I wood love to.learn to play …oreo cookie blues

  5. Hi Justin, at the end of this video i just can't get it how those cords working out in the first place? Don't seem like normal a, d, and e cords…Can you please help for me?

  6. hi Justin im struggling with D chord i can do all others easy just cant get from one chord into D chord any advice?

  7. the capo on the 7th fret doesn't have to be all the way at the fret line it can be back a bit and still make the same sound, just a tip for those who can't cram their fingers tightly together like thay

  8. your tutorial helped me to record a cover of that song 😉 I think you're very good teacher 😉 greetings.

  9. Intro: A, D, E, D, E, A
    Verse: A, D, A, D, A
    Chorus: A, E, A, D, A, E, D, E, A

  10. Fantastic. You teach very well. I loved the class.

  11. the last tip i will say is be free, repeat your just copying ! other new music comes from people with no musical skills mostly, musicians create computers repeat.never ever listen too the beat of another drum for we would loose the magic of the next wave.

  12. Fucking love this!!

  13. Norm MacDonald look alike

  14. good video buddy got u to tat 1000 likes keep it up

  15. Thanks for the video…

  16. Merci Monsieur très belle vidéo si tu as d'autre morceau de Dire Straits mais aussi CCR je suis preneur bonne continuation
    Bonjour de France

  17. Great lesson dude, keep it up. Awesome for beginners like me! :-)

  18. Thanks for calling a capo a capo and not a caypo, I can't remember Don Vito Corleone having caypo's in Clamenza and Tessio 😄

  19. Great stuff Justin, usually sing but decided to try and play a simple version of this, love your tutorial man, it's cool.

  20. Thank you very much, man!… I really appreciate and learned from your video..

  21. Wow, bought a guitar some time ago, now I'm practicing and your videos helps me a lot, thanks!

  22. Justin how do i mute the other 4 strings?I cant seem to get a clear sound by just holding them with my fingers.

  23. Dire straits are from Newcastle upon Tyne

  24. Its good you give up your time to try and teach us less talented people a few chords, Thanks!

  25. Justin your smiley head is contagious :)

  26. wow this song is a good blast from the past! I am learning this but, the chorus throws me off a lot. my brother quoted at me after listening to this video and me saying I won't ever be half as good.I think I am doing ok as I haven't broken my string since starting this course and re stringing my guitar to your method.
     Thank you Justin Sandercoe for this video lesson it's made me want to learn guitar instead of letting it collect dust.

    brother's yodaish quote  "Practice is the key to mastery. Rinse repeat rinse repeat."

    *OT.only thing can anyone help me with please. I live in a apartment is there a way other then a feedback bung in an acoustic to suspress the sound? or should I buy an electric guitar?

  27. congratulations of his Brazilian fan

  28. JUSTIN! PLEASE READ THIS!! I really want to learn and play a beautiful song for someone special, but can’t figure out how to play it. The name of the song is Graffiti6 – Geoffrey Drake. This might not be the right place to ask you this question, but at least I tried and it would mean the world to me if you can make a tutorial for it. Hope to hear from you soon.

  29. i like your lessions so much, thank you!

  30. YOU RULE JUSTIN ive been playing along time and i still learn things from you. thanks

  31. Justin i just can tell enough how much you helped me watched all the guitar lesson thank you so very much and god bless.

  32. Justin, good job !I like the way you teach 

  33. great video justin-really appreciate it!

  34. Hi teacher, I wanted to know if there are any Radiohead songs for a beginner, for m confident now that I can play the open chords without any trouble.

  35. I love to hear you play! But I have a hard time with the finger position s especially when
    you use a capo and. The finger position s
    I'm still working on trying to remember
    I know G major. C and D major a,nd Dm.
    I wish I could remember A major and E.
    I really need an easy book without the
    Can you help? 

  36. any particular reason why you changed the original key? Is it so we can avoid the B chord? 

  37. This is one of the best beginner lessons for guitar !

  38. I have also tried to register at your lesson site, 3x. After register, try and login, says no such user. Now what?

  39. I have been struggling with guitar..7 years. I play upside down right strung, left handed. I know 4 chords (yes after 7 yrs, that's it). I am deaf, so have had to memorize what vibes sound like for each chord.  I do not use a pick because I can't feel the vibe(pick distorts vibe). My biggest problem is the strumming, because I can't get the beat. Help?

  40. interesting how you hold the 'a major' shape with middle finger first, is that just a comfort thing or because you are moving to the 'd shape after'?

  41. Nice easy lesson thx Justin. 

  42. This video approved by Papa Smurf.

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