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UKE: Stand By Me – Ben E King – Ukulele Lesson (US-110)

Ukulele Lesson Tutorial: Stand By Me – Ben E King
More info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/US-110-StandByMe-BenEKing.php
In this ukulele lesson we’re going to learn Stand By Me by Ben E King, including a cool percussive strumming pattern.

There are loads of free Uke lessons on my site and this song is from my Ukulele Songbook, a collection of awesome uke songs that are fun to play and will teach you stuff in the process!


You can get to my uke lessons and songs on the link below (it takes you to the right page on my guitar site!).


Hope you enjoy it and see you for more very soon! 🙂


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  1. Thanks a lot for this video, Justin. Really enjoying your ukelele tutorials.

  2. I have the uke book now. Its great for a basic beginner. Great camera and sound production. You just need to get a few more caps. otherwise you could become Justin Dibnah.

  3. I just came here to hear you play Justin :P

  4. I think the four string instrument is a cool thing but too bad it has to be a uke, they really seem soooo cheesy.   4 string banjo also cheesy.  Tenor guitar also cheesy.  A real honest to god 4 string guitar (electric hollow body) might be cool!

  5. Hey justin ! İ need your help. Can you teach us "camel-rajaz" please. İt is a great song. Thank you already

  6. Can you put out a tutorial for Lifehouse:You and me…:D Thanks luv the great work..:D

  7. Dude you are freaking epic 

  8. Could you make a tutorial on an acoustic version of collar full by Panic at the Disco. It would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Hey justin! I was wondering what kind of ukulele you would recommend to get for beginners and one that could last up through their learning.

  10. These videos are making me want to go out and get a Uke myself.

  11. Hi Justin great video
    I'm 11 years old and just started YouTube
    It would make my day if u would have a look at my channel and maybe sub thank you

  12. J how many years have you been in that studio? 10+ i think i know about. Such a shame you have to go :(

  13. Very easy. It is no good. 

  14. Thanks Justin! Ill get right on this one

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