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UKE: Longing To Belong – Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Song Lesson (US-106)

Ukulele Lesson Tutorial: Longing to belong-Eddie Vedder
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/US-106-LongingToBelong-EddieVedder.php
In this ukulele lesson we’re going to learn Longing To Belong by the amazing Eddie Vedder from his Ukulele Songs album!

There are loads of free Uke lessons on my site and this song is from my Ukulele Songbook, a collection of awesome uke songs that are fun to play and will teach you stuff in the process!


You can get to my uke lessons and songs on the link below (it takes you to the right page on my guitar site!).


Hope you enjoy it and see you for more very soon! 🙂

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  1. This is an awesome tutorial. Thanks Justin! Keep up the Ukulele! The site doesn't seem to work.

  2. Dude, Justin you are a great teacher, man….Just started learning the Uke and have no musical skills…Love this CD and I learned to play this song already just from watching this…. please do a few of the other songs from the cd and any Jack Johnson Uke songs (simple ones first..haha)… cheers mate!

  3. Just learning to play and thrilled you've posted this!

  4. Wonderful melody and easy to play ! Perfect to start ukulele. Thank you Justin !

  5. Could you please do more ukelele lessons again? Happy Holidays!

  6. I really enjoy your lessons! Excellent instruction 😁 thank you so much!

  7. i'm no expert, but i think it sounds more accurate (and better) by playing Cmaj7, F, Cmaj7, F, Dm, A, Dm, A. So the only difference is F instead of F9, and A instead of A7.

  8. Excellent tutorial as usual you are always my go to if I need to learn something . My wife thinks your cute btw !!! Not sure how I feel about that !
    You the man keep up the good work and thank you .

  9. Wow, i never really noticed how beautiful song is! Thank you, I can't wait to try and play it now, great tutorial. 

  10. Justin.  I like the way you play at least a good portion of the song in the begining of the video.  After I learn the song, I like to play along with you to practice in time.   Thank you.

  11. Very cool!!! What kind of ukulele are you playing?

  12. This is an excellent tutorial! The singing really does help and it's not as bad as you make out in your captions 😀 Thank you, I can play this pretty well after spending the day on it! 

  13. Thanks so much for the new, consistent uke lessons you're uploading! Justin, would u mind doing a ukulele lesson of Viva La Vida by Coldplay? Sungha Jung does some fantastic covers of that on a guitarlele and I'm wondering if it's easily translatable 

  14. dude I love u…i'm not gay, but I love you

  15. Can You Make a guitar tutorial of PASSENGER SEAT by Stephen Speaks. I'm confused of the strumming pattern of the song. Thank You. 🙂 🙂 Please.

  16. Finally something from Ukulele Songs album! I had been waiting for these to be covered on your uke lessons 🙂 Thanks Justin!

  17. OMG! You need to do Sleepless Nights, Great Song :D

  18. Any chance for some of the other ones from the same album in the future? I'm a big fan!

  19. Another great uke lesson! Thanks for posting! 

  20. Better than the album. Cheers. 

  21. Great lesson and great vocals!

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