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Solo Blues Guitar Lesson – Play Rhythm and Lead With No Accompaniment – EP141

To watch the Part 2 and 3 video for this lesson and to download the tab (and access the on-screen tab viewer), visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/solo-blues-guitar-in-a-with-some-added-jazz-ep141/

In this blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a smooth jazzy, bluesy sounding solo composition that requires no jam track. You’ll be able to play lead guitar on it’s own and define the parameters of the song by the notes you play. Have a jam session by yourself 🙂

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  1. How are you fingering those last two chords you end with?

  2. How about another acoustic open tuning lesson? Maybe something finger-style or slide? Always enjoy your lessons! Still the best and most consistent on YouTube in my opinion.

  3. what are you using for reverb? sounds greatT thanks

  4. Never a dull lesson brian…. Can we expect an electric delta blues lesson in the future?

  5. A music education again….I LOVE it! I enjoy how you explain and encourage transposing these notes into other keys.
    Coming to Nashville again in May….Where's the best place for real country blues???

  6. Gracias… Soy colombiano y no entiendo mucho tu idioma, más sin embargo aprendo mucho con tus lecciones.. No dejo de mirar tus videos, es lo mas completo que veo en el tema.. Mil gracias

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