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Master Blaster (Jammin’) – Stevie Wonder – Guitar Lesson Tutorial

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Master Blaster (Jammin’) – Stevie Wonder
More info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/ST-345-MasterBlasterJammin-StevieWonder.php
In this guitar lesson we’re looking at the incredible Master Blaster (Jammin’) by Stevie Wonder. It’s got loads of awesome guitar parts to check out and is loads of fun. Hope you dig it.

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  1. Brilliant lesson Justin. I'm jamming to it (no pun intended) 😁

  2. wow. and more wows. justin.

  3. wooooooooo great Justin!!!

  4. Justin you kinda look like Norm McDonald😂

  5. awesome  love this lesson

  6. JustinGuitar when u tell me what the chord is you are playing because i cant always remember them

  7. very good lesson thx…;)

  8. Thanks Justin, the last part it's not easy for me, but i will learn

  9. Sooo much technique taught on this one. I can spend weeks just working on this!

  10. Hi Justin, I have watched many of your tutorials covering a diverse range of songs, you deadset nailed this song  , it is a lot harder to master than you make it look, really enjoy watching you play and listen to your  clear and concise narrative, please keep up the great work, so I can keep learning from you.Best WishesDavid Steane

  11. thanks Justin. Really enjoying learning from your vids. Started playing again after nearly 40 years!

  12. This song would awesome to play though a looper pedal

  13. Justin rules!! Been watching and learning for a few months. Understand more than my previous decades. Get his Theory book!! Opens up everything.

  14. Awesome to be able to use elements from the blues course on this!!!

  15. In the ínterlude part (I guess) where you go from Cminor to G7 I find it easier to take the Cminor chord near the headstock and slide to the G7.

    Dunno why but for me it's easier then to 'stay in the grove' as Justin calls it :)

  16. Thanks Justin, this is a song my girlfriend actually likes too! She now provides the backing vocals :)

  17. Justin, I didn't know you could skank like that…RESPECT!

  18. omg u have the exact same guitar as me but this song is kinda hard lol

  19. Thanks for posting. Never thought to try to learn this song buts it is a fun one. Thanks again!

  20. Thanks again Justin, awesome lesson! Been making great progress with this song the past days, I still sometimes struggle with keeping the little bar consistent (C minor especially) but I'm sure it'll get better with time.

  21. Such an awesome song more than made up for the faces you pulled :-p …and you played it "awesomely" well as well.

  22. Excellent video lesson, Justin!

  23. Amazing playing and lesson! Thanks!

  24. Great tune but what it's celebrating unfortunately is a bit tinged isn't it.

  25. Hi Justin I really like your lessons it's very interesting!
    I'm writing this comment to know if you can make a tutorial of After tonight by Justin Nozuka. Thank's a lot :D

  26. Almost set my monitor on fire! Put a warning next time you bring dat heat.

  27. It's really wonderful how you always manage to find awesome songs that I would never think of to be playing. I'm going to learn the shit out of this tune. Thanks Justin!

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