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Jazz Standard: Misty – Melody – Erroll Garner (Guitar Lesson JA-531)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Misty – Erroll Garner
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/JA-530-Misty-JazzStandard.php
In this guitar lesson we’re checking out the melody of Misty, one of the all time great jazz ballads and standard repertoire for many jazz players.

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  1. how do you play that little solo bit after the first verse!? (as shown at the very start of the video)

  2. Absolutely nailed the melody. I agree; you do need to listen to recordings with lyrics. A lot of musicians seem to rush it, but not you. Great lesson and thank you for all you do.

  3. bella guitar gibson bravo ciao

  4. What is a good beginner jazz guitar book? I want to start at the very beginning and learn how to read all the notes,chords,etc. I do have a lot of experience with reading drum music,but I want to learn to read on guitar.

  5. I'm having a lot of trouble finding how to make those 7th chords. Does anyone have advice on how to make them? (Not talking minor or major 7ths)

  6. Sarah Vaughan was 40 in 1964. You'll have to go back to the Musicraft recordings to hear her younger, "girl-ish" voice. Because of her incredible clarity it's harder to tell than with a lot of singers.

  7. hi,you plays the guitar extremely well !
    can I ask you which brind is your guitar?

  8. justin ! it's a bit buzzy . sort it . love you .

  9. I like your version,but FUCK,ur talking all the time? i couldnt even hear the notes,so its a bit hard to learn

  10. Thanks. It would help me if you said which chord you were playing as you were working through the melody.

  11. hi, which it is the key you're playing?? Is great,beautiful song

  12. so its ok to play it an octave higher like you did?

  13. Wow, are you talented!!  I stumbled across your page after listening to another version of this great tune.  You are very well-studied and a fabulously gifted musician!  You play with great passion too!!!

  14. this is a great tune and you do just a fine job with it, I GIVE YOU YOUR PROPS your an excellent teacher, the kind of teacher everybody hates at the beginning, and loves at thee end

  15. that is excellent my friend and i agree with you so much when it comes down to changing some tunes from the original songs. i do that a lot myself.

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