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Jazz Standard: Misty – Chords – Erroll Garner (Guitar Lesson JA-530)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Misty – Erroll Garner
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In this guitar lesson we’re checking out the chords to Misty, one of the all time great jazz ballads and standard repertoire for many jazz players.

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  1. And also I have watched all your jazz lessons and same challenge with the theory I can get it when I can see the grips and play by ear but it helps to see fingerings on the fretboard, Cheers

  2. Thanks Justin I don't read music well and I don't recognize the chords by name I do better with chords Kaye's out with dots and finger positions/grips visually I know most of your people read music and have memorized the notes on the fingerboard I'm just old school but I have a good ear, I'm a visual guy not a chord recognition guy so I struggle but you are somewhat helpful thank you for sharing

  3. Do you have the chords written out? That would be great, but thanks for sharing this beautiful song…RR

  4. Great one Justin I am an advanced player but just getting in to jazz chords I have been following you a long time and I love your lessons. Thank you for sharing them. I don't read music and would love to see the chords chart I play by ear but those progressions drive me Nutts anyway thanks for sharing…RR

  5. Hi Justin, Thanks a lot for that lesson, Misty is one of my favorite songs, is it possible to get a list of the chords names?

  6. Great lesson……………….. to my level…… a fast lesson. I know I will rewind 500 times 'til I get it.   Thnks

  7. justin, can you play this in fender telecaster

  8. Another great lesson. Thanks Justin!

  9. +JustinGuitar Song
    You Just Made Me a little be More Careless about 'Today's-Everywhere-Playing' Music…This Tune IT'S Just so uhmm..My Good Lord…ahah damn you Justin…Now Who's Gonna listen to that TEP Music..ahah…

    Loved it man..i feel so ashamed that all throughout I never donated a bloody queen miite, maybe i woulda if i coulda ;)…You Inspired buddy…♦

  10. Thanks a lot, but this lesson is a bit too fast!

  11. Awesome lesson! Always wanted to learn this song. Many Thanks!

  12. Awesome lesson. This and the melody lesson made it extremely easy and simple to figure out a chord melody version. But the B section was a little fuzzy…

  13. Thank you Jason. This is very helpful.  You play beautifully, and very nice tone.

  14. a very simple standard very good for beginners as well as FOUR by Miles Davis.

  15. I don't get the strumming :/

  16. Awesome. Enjoyed the lesson, the playing and the guitar tone. Great Job, keep up the good work. 

    -Mike & Ilsa from the New Jersey Pinelands …. 🙂 

  17. dude your awesome thanks for the chord melody

  18. This is a really fast paced lesson, it's kind of annoying to constantly have to pause and rewind the video. It would be great if you went more in depth with some of the chords and the little fills that you do. Otherwise this is a great lesson, I appreciate the tutorial

  19. When I took my first guitar lesson the teacher asked me if there was a composer  I liked and I said I liked Eroll Garner. I was  feeling pretty good about knowing the name of anyone who had written as song, I just knew who played them.  He said "Okay,  "Misty" is a great song but it would be nice if you liked a composer who had written more than one song."

  20. HEY Justin Iam a student of yours and l want to know if there is a DVD set of the jazz standard misty chord progressions and melody guitar Lesson to purchase.Explaining even the movements in between the chords and melody lines. Willie Byrd Byrd_Willie @yahoo.com

  21. Justin, your lessons are soon good man!

  22. Hey man I've checked a couple of your vids out. Good stuff. Like your down-to-earth way of working thru a piece.

  23. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  24. @Discerner1999 Ideally, you should transcribe any tunes you play, because that will benefit your learning the most, so this lesson is still very convenient. Have a look at Justin's video about jazz chords. He shows you all the most important chords and explains each one in detail.

  25. Hey Justin, I am in the process of building a set list for a solo act, always wanted to have this tune as part of my show. This video "Nailed IT" for me.  Can't thank you enough, very well explained. 

  26. again this proves that any retard with a youtube channel can think he is a music teacher…LOL! 

  27. What gauge strings are you using on the Gibson here?

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