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Jazz Standard: Blue Bossa – Chords – Kenny Dorham (Guitar Lesson JA-540)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Blue Bossa – Kenny Dorham
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/JA-540-BlueBossa-JazzStandard.php
In this guitar lesson we’re looking at the chords for the jazz standard Blue Bossa written by Kenny Dorham. Make sure you check out the lesson on how to play the bossa rhythm on the web site.

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  1. Whoa! That is where the flavor is…

  2. Has anyone ever written lyrics to this lovely tune??

  3. Fantastic lesson, you are a great teacher. What about combining Chord and melody?

  4. You are a fantastic guitar player! I love all your videos!

  5. Fantasic Tutorial. Just add some nice other 'color' to all nice tiny the variations I already learned 'bout blue bossa.

  6. Justin, this was an amazing lesson! And I made sure to practice the Bossa rhythm that I learned from your previous video. Seriously man! Greatly appreciated! You're a fantastic player by the way.

  7. I really, really , really want that guitar…can I have it please?..I will play it everyday..I promise…..

  8. Can you please explain the cords!!!

  9. Hola Justin, gracias por el tutorial, pero seria genial que colocaras los acordes en forma de diagrama, saludos

  10. Jason, oops typo time.  I meant: "I can't work out good (jazz) guitar chords since obviously the piano chords are there.

  11. Hey Justin!  Is your email out at your website?  I ask because I compose but don't know a ton of theory (some, not a lot) or perhaps I've forgotten much of what I was taught as a lad.  I ask because I have 2 questions:

    . I can work out the 'top' note in virtually any melody in any sort of music.  I can hear say the Star Spangled Banner or Hey Jude or Blue Bossa, and work out the melody perfectly.  Q. How do you then find THE other notes to find the chords that ACCOMPANY that "top note melody?"

    . The other question?  I've written a jazz piece I'd like my local trio to play; wroteit on keyboard and can't work out good jazz chords.  Can you help me with this – I'll pay a fee I understand.

    Either way,

  12. You Mosaic…………start using your feelings not books, you will get deeper into music this way.

  13. You really look like Norm mcdowel. cool vid

  14. why are you skreaming? it hurts in the ear.
    but very nice lesson!

  15. A brilliant lesson, thank you

  16. Fantastic lesson – thanks Justin!

  17. Go Justin ! Go Justin ! Go :D

  18. keep to do jazz videos love it!

  19. Justin I'm actually learning this as my first tune in my guitar lessons.  Im so glad I found your page man!!!!   Thanks for covering Bossa Nova.  Most people play Bossa Nova incorrectly by paling it to Fast and without feel.  This lesson is AWESOME!!!!!  Who needs a guitar teacher when there are GREAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!    THANKS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

  20. All these Jazz lessons are the best!!!

  21. la  suite  harmonique   me plais  beaucoup  les  accords   sont    riches  en   sonorité    a  like     thanck  you     dear  justin

  22. Justin, this is excellent. Many thanks!

  23. i like dhis chords :)

  24. he   justin  happy   good   weekend   thanck   for  you  lesson   bossa   nice  guitare   good   sound 

  25. I used to hate jazz. I am now loving it. Thanks Justin!

  26. awsome, like always :)

  27. Thank you for your altruism, Mr. Sandercoe!

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