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How to play Your Song by Elton John (Guitar Lesson SB-407)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Your Song-Elton John
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/SB-407-YourSong-EltonJohn.php
In this guitar lesson we’re going to learn how to play Your Song by Elton John (and Bernie Taupin). It’s got some lovely chord sequences and though a little tricky I think you’ll enjoy the challenge 😉

This song is from the JustinGuitar Vintage Songbook:


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  1. Thanks Justin, you're a legend mate.

  2. thanks Justin two thumbs up!

  3. You're the best teacher! Thanks

  4. I was expecting MY song! Wha the hell!?

  5. this lesson was amazing!!!! Could you help me with "Mona lisa and Mad Hatters" ?? the quick changes are tough for me. :/

  6. Thx for this lesson….I like it much! Songs from my youth and I will play and sing it :)

  7. wow for me its clear, its guitar tutorial at its best, i ve been looking for the right chords of this song for years, and thank you Justin for sharing your talent, keep up your diligence.

  8. Big respect for that lesson!

  9. haha so funny how you flip over to your guitar lesson

  10. I want to buy my baby a big E minor. LOL Great job.

  11. would you consider a lesson on Little Feat "Let It Roll" Even with the sheet music i am having some difficulty Thank You You have a logical way of putting things

  12. Justin I don't know how often you look at these comments but i play professionally here in the Philly area. I have always loved Your Song but had a mental jack about learning it, until now. Your lesson was great I had it in a couple of hours and will add it to my song list. Much Thanks Dave

  13. would you consider aider doing a version of Indian sunset

  14. I can always trust that Justin's got it

  15. 7:59 cracks me up.

    Great video.

  16. Eu aprendi You got a friend com o vídeo deste cara, ele é muito bom, vou treinar esta agora.
    I learned you got a friend with the video this guy, he is very good! I will train this song with this video.

  17. Could you do Maria by Blondie plz plz plz ?

  18. you are just great mate. Really easy to understand for everyone. Cheers

  19. Hi justin can you teach me how to play Scrifice & nikita by elton john on guitar .thank's mate.

  20. Brilliant lesson Justin. Thank you so very much.

  21. Thank you so much. I've wanted to play this for decades.
    And I was "thumbs up" #1500 :)

  22. Really nice version and good, clear instructions, thanks so much! I do wonder if there isn't an Em chord missing in the last line of the chorus (between D and G) ?

  23. Great video, Justin! Congrats man
    Nice and clear instructions for beginners not letting the pace of the video dumb down from too much unnecessary repetition. Many guitar players who post tutorials can't quite reach that balance. Congratulations again, my friend. keep up the great work

  24. Wtf are half of these chords :p I love this arrangement, will give it a shot

  25. Great job! I've watched many other teachers and I agree your lessons are among the best. I love the singing through the chord changes too. G#m7b5 is quite a tongue twister. Funny. Thanks for the help!

  26. Hello Mr. Justin…. Bravissimo ..nelle tue  Lezioni – Spiegazioni molto semplici …. Sei il Mio Maestro … Complimenti …  cordiali Saluti .Salvatore (Alassio-Italy)

  27. better than the original

  28. thankyou very much for this lesson justin x

  29. Thank you I have been doing 2 gigs a day the past 2 week and have to do this Saturday at a wedding ….Made my live a lot easier !!!!   I owe you One

  30. Thanks for the lesson.  I enjoy them very much.  If you put a capo on the 2nd fret it turns into a really easy first position song transposing the chords you play.  The only barre chord would be the 3rd chord of the intro where you need the d note.  Much easier for a beginner or someone not yet at your talent level.  Keep up the good work.

  31. you are unique looking and handsome! thanks for the nice lesson. perfect!

  32. champion 😉 thank's…. Can you put table ?

  33. Yes Justin! You are really a great teacher– thank you! thank you!!! you make it FUN! :)

  34. Justin you actually have the best guitar lessons on YouTube hands down! Keep up the amazing work. You've made me a better guitar player and I am very grateful! 

  35. This is really beautiful but could you do the Ellie Goulding version pretty pretty please! I would be so grateful. ^_^

  36. Those anyone else realize the stupid maybelline ad???

  37. I love your voice!

  38. Thank you for playing the exact chords for this song; few do.

  39. I do not criticize I just see and the song is too shy. Well anyway is not my goal to get dinner with you

  40. well done buddy ! but just one thing , you are not a singer

  41. Wow shivers. ty again best teacher by far

  42. I don't care what anyone else says, I LOVE your singing!! 🙂 

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