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How to play Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by The Crash Test Dummies (Guitar Lesson SB-220)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm – The Crash Test Dummies
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/SB-220-MmmMmmMmmMmm-CrashTestDummies.php
In this guitar lesson we’re checking out the awesome hit for The Crash Test Dummies, Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm. Really cool acoustic tune this, fun to play and a challenge to sing!!

This song is from The Justinguitar Pop Songbook which contains 50 songs for progressing guitar players into playing pop guitar. More info:


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  1. Great lesson …WOW! Thanks a lot.

  2. thank you for this lesson Justin really helped me out now my little son loves this song coz I'm always playing it only thing is I don't have a capo must buy one to make it sound like it is here. thx all the same from England.

  3. Great stuff Justin, cheers. Must add-for the thumb playing the bass note, I'm 5'11" and my hands are JUST large enough to do this. I think anyone smaller than me would probably struggle. Or am I wrong people?

  4. What model of guitar is that? It sounds beautiful :D

  5. Man, you're not only good looking, you're good at guitars as well. I wish i'll be as good as you. Naahh not the looks anyways… Excellent tutorial!
    –greetings from philippines

  6. Great, detailed clear lesson. Thanks! All the little details and variations you explain actually make it easier to play. One thing that made it even easier for me was to play the A-flat chord without barre, using the thumb on the 6th string. It's easy because you don't need the first string so no need to barre anything, I saw the CTDs singer play it that way.

  7. Fantastic work, thank You for Your time. Such a clear explanation.

  8. Hi Justin,Thanks for this good guitar lesson. Very nice practice using my thumb in the chords.

  9. beautiful guitar :D

  10. To me the C/E in the beginning of the verse sounds quite weird. I'd rather play C/G.
    Great lesson as always!!!

  11. nice video, brother! Thank you!

  12. How the hell do people use their thumb like that! I guess I just have small hands…damnit.

  13. I love this song. As a drummer I don't know too much about guitar so please excuse my question: Ain't you're playing G minor at 2:23 intead of A minor and D minor instead of B minor at 2:25?

  14. Bravo ~ ! Просто чудово !

  15. You've taught me so many cool tunes, here's another! Thanks Justin

  16. thanks from canada.very clear explanation 

  17. I'm here the same reason as everyone else… To play and sing the Weird Al version!

  18. Great song from a great film (Dumb and Dumber).

  19. I hate this song!it ´s impossible!next!

  20. nice guitar… amazing tutorial  !!!

  21. I just subbed. i cant wait to learn this. Your instructions are clear and detailed. I love the close up on the neck. I can do this, Love the  F sus 2 beautiful.

  22. Buy Justin's song books, I did.  You will not be sorry, they are the perfect accompaniment to these videos.

  23. Thanks Justin for teaching an old dog new tricks. Lost interest for a while now. But after  watching your version of Back in Black and many other AC/DC songs, well what can I say it's AC/DC. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to learning more.

  24. please do lesson on "A thousand years"

  25. "Oh! Well, pardon me Mr. PERFECT! I guess I forgot that you never ever make a mistake!"

  26. Hi Justin. Not sure the best way to contact you, but I would really love if you could do some more David Gray. Especially "Coming Down" "As I'm Leaving" and "Hold On". Thanks!

  27. Great lesson Justin. Love this song.

  28. I just can't teach myself that muting one string and playing the other one with one finger at the same time. As for the Fsus2, if I move the finger upwards so it mutes D string, it's hardly touching the G string so as a result I mute both. I will just have to find my way around it. I often do by skipping the unwanted tones while picking with right hand.

  29. We love it in the UK too. 

  30. Beatiful song this reminds me many things 

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