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How to play Bye Bye Love by The Everly Brothers (Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson SB-422)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Be Love- The Everly Brothers
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/SB-422-ByeByeLove-TheEverlyBrothers.php
In this guitar lesson we check out the great easy beginners song Bye Bye Love by The Everly Brothers, mainly E A and D chords but I go over the intro too which is aimed more at Intermediate level players!

This song is from the JustinGuitar Vintage Songbook:


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  1. Ur the man Justin, I like that you announce the chord as u make the change

  2. First song I got myself but not quite right cheers Justin I am smashing this song thanks too you again my guitar hero awsum job Bruv

  3. You don't explain the power chords for the intro

  4. Can you play notes on the guitar with sheet music but not tabs

  5. I love you're singing especially when you do Buddy Holly or the Everly Brothers, thanks for the lesson

  6. Thank you, Justin. This really helped!

  7. We know the simple chords to the song, but for the intro could you please explain exactly what the chord positions are? You simply say X or Y power chord – as if everyone knew what that was…we are beginners!  Please elaborate. Thank-you.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your books are also great!!

  9. Man! You are good. Tutorial… Excellent A++++.

  10. Another amazing tutorial!

  11. Justin thank you so much brilliant lesson.

  12. Could you please do the full version of Hey Joe?  I know you have a partial version on your easy beginner songs but the full version would be awesome.  Thank you!

  13. Hey, Justin I just want to ask if you can make a lesson on "The wind of change" by "Acoustic Alchemy" It's a great, one guitar song without lyrics 

  14. Can you play ac dc (tnt)

  15. Justin You and Marty are the Greatest Teachers ever!! Thank you for this wonderful lesson!!

  16. your singing is pretty bad

  17. Very well done, mate! Thanks for another great one!

  18. Justin, could you post a tutorial for 'Dirge' by Dylan, includng the lead riffs? Have asked lots of people but hav't had any takers yet. Most people that posted this song don't do it justins…sorry justice. Cheers.

  19. Love this song. Thank you, Justin! How about something more obscure like "Wishing" and "Araby" from Hootie & the Blowfish? Can't find tabs for those anywhere.

  20. Hey Justin I was wondering if you could cover "Passing Afternoon" by Iron and wine?

  21. hello    good  evening   thank    you

  22. Do some Arctic Monkeys!

  23. Justin hello from Russia )) how to play I've just seen a face by the beatles pleaaasee)))))

  24. Can you do "Season In The Sun" by Terry Jacks please?

  25. You're a great teacher man, upbeat, good energy.  How about a Paul Simon's Cecila?

  26. I like these easy songs Justin; reminds me of some funky song when I …."lay me to rest" …easy… I just cannot remember title or who sang it, possibly 1970s  title was  friend in Jesus or something like that.

  27. Its funny, I know the chords but I struggle with my rhythm, this helps so much. Thank you Justin and I will continue to donate

  28. pls do "something like olivia"–jhn mayer really good guitar play in it..

  29. Hey Justin! I know you're probably getting a lot of requests for lessons, but I would really appreciate if you made one for Belief by John Mayer.

  30. I'm learning this one at the moment from your book. Awsome to actually see you play it now.

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