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How to play Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon And Garfunkel (Guitar Lesson SB-419)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon And Garfunkel
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In this guitar lesson we check out the beautiful Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon And Garfunkel, a fairly complex acoustic fingerstyle song arranged for guitar, it’s originally played on piano. Man can Paul Simon write a TUNE! Hope you enjoy it!

This song is from the JustinGuitar Vintage Songbook:


* Big thanks to Salena * for joining me with the vocals on this one! more on:


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  1. Very bad tutorial unlike your other videos I hope you redo it again with better teaching method

  2. Love your fingerstyle version Justin. Just what I was looking for!

  3. Any one ever tell you that you look like Norm McDonald. Great vid. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

  4. Great lesson! Easy to follow and well explained. Thanks!

  5. Hey Justin, what do you think of Art Garfunkel and James Taylor's version of Crying in the Rain? I learned it myself, but it'd be a great song to teach.

  6. I wish I could give you & Selina a hug from across the atlantic, Such a powerful song, A great lesson for sure.

  7. you are such a great and generous guy. thanks so much for everything.

  8. Very good, thank you Justin.
    It would make it easier if there were tabs to.
    Does anyone know where there is the matching tabs?

    Best regards from Germany

  9. What is the string pattern? which string should i play in every chord?

  10. How this cannot bring a tear to anyone's eye is beyond me, that beautifull little girl with the voice of an angel brings everyone down to exactly the same level. What guitar is that, what strings are on it, the tone you make it give out so effortlesseley, is sooo beautifull. Take care my friend and thankyou. Stuart

  11. A wonderful song, a wonderful voice and thank you much for your advice!
    I´ll start to learn it now.[2:48]

  12. Hi Justin, love you arrangement of this song, it works well. I use a little trick when playing a D shape which might be of interest to you. I put my shubb capo on the second fret and cover strings 1 to 5 but leave the 6th open giving a fake dropped D sound which gives a much fuller bass for the root chord, which for me this song benefits from. Beauty is all the other chords still finger the same apart from the E of course but doesn't hinder the sound too much. Be interested what you think.

  13. Lovely touch Justin great aim yet again many thanks for the lesson

  14. Great! 😀
    Could you please make a tutorial of Lonely press play by Damon Albarn? That would be great! Thank you so much ^^

  15. Great Job!  Thank's.  What do you use to record the audio?  Really great sound.

  16. What a hottie. The girl is pretty cute too! lol

  17. È più facile di quello che sembra, basta provarla molte volte e avere già un pò di esperienza.non mollare mai…

  18. What an awesome lesson and what a voice on that lady! Thanks for posting and I'll be learning this thanks to you.

  19. Wow. Just wow. I am amazed and so glad I found this channel. Definitely subscribed. What angers me is that he's making YouTube videos while Nikki Minaj is making millions. Humanity is lost. Justin and Selena should be heard by everyone!


  21. Lovely voice indeed. Wish it were with one of my guitars!  http://murraykuun.com/wordpress/

  22. aw! i really wanted to learn this but you mention chords that I'm not familiar with and you go pretty fast. I wasn't able to keep up.. I guess I'll come back when i know what those chords. :/

  23. Dude, this lesson was absolutely brilliant. I love the way you sing the chords…"I will D them G…", "Oh, when times get D…" Thanks for these lessons, you're a great teacher.

  24. That was an awesome lesson and I thank you for your assistance.  But,  I may have to diminish this one from my major experience as I have minor left – right brain contusions while attempting.  Remember,  if you want to stay sober on the 4th, don't buy a 5th on the 3rd.  Thanks for staying open.  Smile!  That is a funny comment.

  25. Beautiful interpretation of the classic Paul Simon song. Found the key difficult to sing with but by tuning my guitar down a semitone below E (i.e. Eb) and using these chords I can manage to sing along.. I've really enjoyed playing these chords. Thanks Justin. :-)

  26. Selena only had to sing 2-4 notes to realize that she could own it.  I just had to hear a couple of notes to get  shiver going through me that it was going to be great. Steve Cropper talked about knowing a tune in two notes and I never thought about knowing that someone could sing in just a few notes, but clearly it can be done. Too brief, but anything done that well is great to hear. Usually I have to hear singers do a couple of songs to figure out what they are doing well and appreciate it (my first impression of Beatles was, "That's a bit sratchy isn't it?" and Dixie Chicks, "One of the other girls must be able to sing better than this one." but with Selena (spelling?) it was just couple of notes. And it is not just in comparison with your voice, Justine;-)  "When times get…"  Oww! There is no vibrato in "times!";-) Where did that girl go?  Next time put her at the end of the lesson so we don't think how nice it would be if she did tall he singing parts. Your voice is better than mine but that is not much of a compliment; nobody opens with the best singer; there is a reason for that, it is called remorse;-) She does not start singing and look for the pitch(as you and I do) , she has perfect pitch and nails a song that I am sure is not her favorite song. It was really quite good. When you are positive someone is a singer the moment they open their mouth, they ARE a singer.  I hope it works out for her, that is genius and we need more like that.

  27. Wow, fantastic thank you

  28. Great job about the guitar : just perfect. I do appreciate. One little thing : the singer is Not good for such a song. The voice is not very nice. We are far from what is expected here. It' s my feeling. 

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