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Honky Tonk Women – The Rolling Stones – Guitar Lesson Tutorial

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Honky Tonk Women – The Rolling Stones
More info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/ST-356-HonkyTonkWoman-TheRollingStones.php
In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re learning Honky Tonk Women by The Rolling Stones a fantastic song in Open G Tuning.

Open G tuning lesson: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/ES-031-TuneYourGuitarToOpenGTuning.php

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  1. great lesson. I remember trying to figure it out when I was 13 and didn't know about the open G tuning..it was frustrating. this is perfect. great teacher.

  2. can't seem to get harmonics. great lesson.

  3. Ich liebe deinen Gesichtsausdruck, während du die verschiedenen Parts spielst..! Danke für: Sunshine of your Love, Brown Sugar und honky tonk woman ❤️

  4. …excellent, they should make you one of the stones…btw before sleep I take a nature's way magnesium complex 200 mg to help relax and ward off migraine…magnesium deficiency does occur.

  5. It's rumoured that Ry Cooder actually played the guitar parts on this, and Keith learned it and wiped Ry Cooder's parts, and started playing in open G since then. xx

  6. Justin consistently provides some of the best lessons on youtube – I encourage people to donate even just a few dollars.

  7. Heya Justin, Thank you for you lessons. I have improved myself. Thanks a lot!

  8. hey justin are you always in a good mood….thanks great lesson

  9. Hi Justin thanks a lot to share your talent, your Telecaster is wonderfull , which model is ? it seems to be the same as Robben F

  10. G for genius Justin. How do you work it all out????

  11. SAwesome tutorial, man. Discovering Keith's open G tuning a while back was a watershed moment in my development as a guitarist. You pull it of quite well, especially in pointing out that what's not being played is just as important as what is. Out of curiosity do you think Keith played 'midnight rambler' in open E? Or standard tuning with a capo?

  12. Can you do Ester by The Lautsprechers?

  13. Thank you. Spot on! jonmasters, Musician

  14. what kind of fender is that?

  15. Another great tune. Thanks for the tutorial, great job.

  16. hey Justin nice video. can you put the tuning of the guitar on your videos it will help me out

  17. Hi Justin. A great thing about your lessons is (so what I've seen) that you actually play the song first! So many start with talking and nobody has the interest to really listen. Great job! And btw, the comments about going through the open G tuning every time is crap, I wouldn't want go through it every time!

  18. Your teaching is great. Thank you

  19. thanks justin, great lesson. easy to follow

  20. Can you waiting for love by avicii

  21. Well Documented Lesson Justin, I personally think you didn't miss a Beat.Even To the point of the pitch harmonic's on D & G. Well Done.

  22. there is hardly and led zep lessons . hard to believe that there is an english guitarist who is not into jimmy page

  23. Hi, I would love if you could make a video on how to play sweet home Alabama. i have been trying to work it out myself but it would be great for someone with more experience to give a tutorial. Thx a lot for all the videos you put up, they are made really well. add to the comment if any one agrees with me :)

  24. I love your Videos, your one of the best Youtube teachers, keep it up. I appreciate the time you take to make theses! Thanks From Newcastle England!

  25. Hey Justin , a big hello from Australia ,& thank you so much for this lesson , you are very good with your guitar knowledge & the way you share it man , this was an old favorite of mine from my days of being a rebel teenager , lol!! now i'm an old blues man & loving it , harmonicas & slide guitar get me through my black days & you my good man have been a big help , so thank you Justin

  26. Thanks so much for this.

  27. Awesome lessons it would be great if you could do Blue Eyes Blue by Eric Clapton can't find a good lesson anywhere

  28. Hey justin could you do a tutorial on times a wasting (tabs). The one by Joaquin and Reese?

  29. Please do "for your precious love" by Otis redding

  30. This looks freggen hard to do

  31. could you make a video for playing Sunshine Road by Owen Campbell? this is a really beutiful song 😁😁😁

  32. I started my own guitar channel I'm new to this but I post daily please subscribe

  33. I'm 50 now and still play. In my gigs younger years never learned different tunings. Thanks again sparking my interest.

  34. Good God Justin I thought I could play the Guitar pretty good. I guess the key word in that sentence should be PLAY. You are teaching me how to work it again. Brother I really appreciate these videos. Thank you, Frank Sconiers

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