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Exploring the Dorian Mode on Guitar Meaningfully

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Modes are a complete mystery to some, and seen as a waste of time to others.

But by understanding modal harmony, you’ll tap into some beautiful harmonies that exist in countless songs and you’ll find it much easier to improvise/write meaningful solos.

Dorian is the 2nd mode of the major scale, but like any other scale, it has its own unique “flavour” and an associated chord type (minor chords).

Not many musicians realize that Dorian is one of the most versatile minor scales (along with minor pentatonic). It’s easy to make it sound good – you’ll have a lot of fun playing it.

But what exactly makes it unique?

This lesson shows you some ways in which you can use Dorian in your music and examples of common Dorian based progressions so you’ll know instantly when Dorian can be used.

By getting to know Dorian harmony, you’ll recognise whenever it occurs in songs you hear and learn (and that’s a lot of songs!), or when jamming with friends.

These movements are more common than you think – be ready for them!

Get backing tracks and tabs on the lesson page…


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