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3 Lick Rock Guitar Solo – Easy! | Steve Stine

Rock to this video with a FREE Killer Rock Licks plus awesome backing tracks for you to practice with! https://lp.guitarzoom.com/3killerrocklicks/

The goal with this video is to show you how to take 3 “guitar lick” ideas, and combine them with other elements to create a melodic and exciting solo. Don’t worry about playing it note for note, but take the ideas and explore how they might help YOUR playing style and execution.

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  1. Struggling wannabe rock shredder here. I've been playing since 2011, and while i've been told that i have a great feel for the guitar, can pick up things quickly, and have good technique, I still haven't been able to crack playing fast licks :(

  2. hey steve I was wondering what your guitar is tuned to?

  3. What I love most about you is that you are not at all egotistical or assumptive that we all know the basics already. You always start at the most basic level and then show examples of what mastery sounds like. You are very easy to learn from and your temperment is comforting and encouraging. I am so very grateful for your lessons. It's been a loooong road getting over the plateau and connecting the dots of info that I've learned over the years. You are helping me tremendously to become the player I've always dreamed of being.

  4. Awesome licks , that's what I call a solo … I needed that lick trick… that's so awesome. 

  5. Hi Steve, wondering if you will ever be planning to provide some really cool backing tracks like this one in the future? Really looking for some good jam tracks like this one in full length to jam to while working on solos. Hope you will consider. Thanks, and keep up the great teaching materials. Love them all.

  6. Very nice!  I have some finger stretching to do!  I don't see the link for getting the backtrack/tab.

  7. Very cool. Great little lesson.  Have my guitar right beside me and will check it out! Thx!

  8. Awesome as allways, Steve.  This may be just what I needed. Thanks

  9. Hi! When you are picking on the strings, does your hand rest on the strings or?

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